School history/Education/Visions

Tiroler Fachberufsschule
für Wirtschaft und Technik Kufstein
Salurnerstr. 22
6330 Kufstein
Telefon: +43 5372 64195
E-mail: direktion [at] tfbs-kufsten [dot] tsn [dot] at
Dir.: Dipl. Päd. Ing. Gerhard Rinnergschwentner, BEd MA


Education System: PART-TIME VOCATIONAL SCHOOL AND APPRENTICESHIP - THE DUAL SYSTEM, Secondary Level II, Grade 9 – 14, Age 14 – 19.


The Tiroler Fachberufsschule für Wirtschaft und Technik Kufstein is a vocational school for economy and technology, situated in Kufstein.


School history:

The term vocational school was founded after the 2nd World War and Kufstein was immediately well known for the sectors trade and office work. Since 2009 we have also been the training for all Tyrolean apprentices in the teaching profession mechatronics. With the fusion with Tiroler Fachberufsschule in Wörgl in 2013, the specialist classes of the SPAR Academy are now taught at our school.



We are proud to have the dual system. Our apprentices are three to four years in our school. They are taught in school and in their place of employment. They are either once a week in this vocational school or a whole course of studies, which lasts about 10 weeks. The pupils learn skills in our school, which are in step with the actual working practice.

This dual system is unique in Europe and many countries look at us and would like to copy it.



Our vision is opening the school for everyone who wants to work and learn theoretical and practical at once. We would like to work together with all employers, other schools and business partners, not only in Austria but cross-boarder to our neighbours in Europe. Our effort is to strengthen the cooperation with Trentino Alto Adige in connection with the EUREGIO project.



Since 2016 we have been an ambassador school of the European Parliament. We teach our pupils increased in European policy, celebrate the founding day of the European Union (9th of May) and have much information material in our school. We have the accommodation WAZUBI for our foreign pupils right near the location in Kufstein. Our pupils come from all over Austria and South Tyrol.

We are proud to have close contact with many companies in our region.